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Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Caroline Corby 
PT, PN-1, CPPC, Menopause Coach, Chef, Mom

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Hi, I’m Caroline

Certified Personal Trainer, Pre-&Postnatal Coach, Menopause Coaching Specialist and Nutrition Coach

Looking for help to prioritise your health and make changes that fit your individual lifestyle, are realistic and sustainable?  Changes that set you up to maintain your results for as long as you want (forever ideally!)?

I can help you move more, make healthier food choices when you can, and strive for consistency, not perfection.

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Which programme is right for you?

There's no cookie cutter approach to improving your health and fitness. 

Each plan is fully customised based on your goals, lifestyle (because everyone is unique!) and exercise preferences.  Pre-&Postnatal plans are tailored to your individual needs as a soon-to-be mom or new mom and take into account your birth experience and fitness history. The only difference is how long you want to commit yourself to building a healthier lifestyle.

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Thrive during perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

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Smart Snacking

What is Nutrition Coaching?

And why do you need it?

A Nutrition Coach helps people change their mindsets, behaviours and lives using the most current scientific knowledge about health, fitness, nutrition and behaviour. 

Nutrition Coaching is about PEOPLE and understanding how they feel, how they live and why they do the things they do.

It’s then about creating a strategy for each UNIQUE person with a set of progressive and easy-to-implement actions to help them unlock their potential. 

Think of a coach as your super knowledgeable guide who wants nothing more than to see you succeed every step of the way! 

Get in touch to find out how I can help you.


Some of my workouts

I like to include strength training, HIIT, mobility, calisthenics, and functional core training in all my workouts which is always adapted to each individual's capabilites and needs.

Recipe Inspo

Healthy doesn't have to mean boring

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